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Our lessons follow the STA award criteria. This follows a seamless pathway from a baby’s first experience in the water with an adult, to children who are competent swimmers fully equipped to continue with aquatic activities into adult life. For further information about the awards criteria, please visit

Swimming lessons across our centres run all week at various times. The charge of £68.00 is payable upon booking for a 10 week block of lessons, at half an hour per week. We also provide a Home Portal, where you can keep up to date with your child’s progress and top up lessons as you go.

Bookings initially need to be made at site or by phone with a member of the reception team and then top ups can either be done at site, by phone or through the online Home Portal.

To ensure each child receives the time they require, we set a limit on the numbers allowed in each course.

Choose the most suitable class for you or your child from the chart below and simply email us at with your preferred site, day and time.

Age or ability

Recommended class

Three plus or non-swimmer

Stanley 1

Six plus or non-swimmer with armbands

Octopus 1

Three plus and able to swim

Contact us to arrange an initial assessment


Adult beginner or improver