Swimming at Dimensions

Dimensions is home to the city’s magnificent Fantasy Pool, which features rapids, fountains, a teaching pool, spa pools, hydro therapy pool and the famous DRAGON SLIDE!  Our pool is welcoming and all-inclusive to all.  It is ideal for families with young children and groups who enjoy the sensory stimulation of the pool and all of its features!  We have a wide range of swim sessions that we hold on site, including our Leisure Swim, Aqua Tots, Sensory Splash, Aqua Fit as well as our much loved swimming lessons!

Children under eight must be accompanied in the water by a responsible person aged at least 16.

We require the following parent-to-child ratios.

  • One adult to one baby (0-12 months) 
  • One adult to two children (age 1-4) 
  • One adult to three children (age 5-7 ) 

Weak or non-swimmers must wear armbands for the rapids area of the pool.

Children under 1.4 metres must do a 'water test' with the lifeguard to decide if they are strong enough swimmers to enter the rapids without the use of armbands.  If it is deemed by a lifeguard that a child must wear armbands, we either have these to purchase from reception, or alternatively we have all sizes available to borrow free of charge on poolside.

Disc arm floats and rubber rings are not suitable buoyancy aids for the rapids area.  We recommend that inflatable armbands are used for this area.

Respect the lifeguards instructions at all times. All safety instructions must be followed.

Lockers require a 50p piece (non-returnable).  All features are subject to availability.  During term time, the Dragon Slide will be open Tuesday to Friday from 4pm.  Car parking charges apply at the centre.