When they are out of nappies and walking any under 5 class is appropriate. One adult MUST be present to go in the class with the child.
Under 5 classes do require the parent to be in the gym with their child, if you do have other children they are allowed in the gym, but only if the other child is well behaved and DOES NOT take part in the session. No babies to be left in carrier at the side of the room.
Girls can wear leggings/shorts and a T shirt, (not a baggy T shirt). Boys can wear shorts or tracksuit bottoms and T shirt. Socks can be worn but are not mandatory.
Unfortunately, this is not something we offer. We can give a refund if after the first class if the child does not want to continue.
Yes, when children get older and need to move up they can do once a space is available in the next class. Children can also change days if needed, ONLY if there is availability. They will have to pay the difference if for example, moving up from under 5 (30 minute) class, to the 5+ year class (1hr).
Coaches will work children towards badges and a skill development system. Usually awarded twice a year.
We have a two-week closure at Christmas. And we are closed on Bank Holidays. But will remain open through Easter and Summer holidays.
If the centre closes, yes. If you decide not to come due to bad weather, no credit is given.
Tumbling, development and competitive groups are by invitation only. This will come through coach recommendation.
This will be acceptable if the child’s birthday is within 2 weeks of booking. Otherwise they will be placed into the age group below. The classes are well structured with age in mind, so will not be a detriment to your child’s learning.
A medical note will be needed from your GP to confirm that your child is fit for gymnastics. Please then ensure the coaches/staff are aware of your child’s injury when they return to their first class.
No. This is not a policy that we have at the centre, due to class sizes and availability.